Llia Yu

Concept Artist

Environment / Props



2012- 2017  Art center college of design, Pasadena

BS.ENTD BS in Entertainment Design


May- Aug 2015 Riot Games/ Vis Dev Intern     

–  Working with writer and art director to create unique culture and feel for the world

 –  Working on storyboard and key frame based on the script to sell storytelling through


Sep- Dec 2015    Assistant Instructor at Art center College of Design

                              – Critiquing student homework, paintovers and lectures based on knowledge of game

   And film industry

Feb- Apr 2016 Assistant Instructor  at Brainstorm school  

                          – Tutoring student on the side, explaining the working pipline; helping students

    understand the video game industry and preparing a industry standard portfolio.

Apr-Sep 2016 Burning Games Freelance artist

                        – Creating  Key frame and environment concepts, combining cultural designs with

   Science Fiction elements

 – Working with team to pitch project to investors

Sep 2016- April 2017 Instructor at Zac Design Studio     

                         – instructing students to create an industry ready portfolio, including characters, props, vehicles, environments and general world building.

June 2017- current    Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch

             -Working with modelers to research and design cultural and sci-fi architecture  

over block outs

– Creating Interior and exterior mood paintings to pitch new maps

– Designing interactive set props within the Overwatch style.

– Creating cosmetic designs for heroes


Software :  Photoshop, Sketchup, Modo, Z-brush, InDesign, Sai,

Analog: Watercolor, Acrylics, Ink.

Digital: Painting, Modelling, UV mapping, Texturing.

Additional: sewingPersonal tutoring


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